Saurav Raj Pathak Founder / C.E.O SRP Enterprise LLC

Prior starting SRP Enterprise LLC, Mr Raj initiated multiple successful online stores from scratch. Private labelling, recognizing demographic & trends, marketing strategies, business organization, sales & negotiations, delegations, creative & contrarian investing are  skills Mr Raj developed with solid foundation and is adept at it. His charismatic leadership style and mastery in selling and negotiations have put him in the forefont to sign great deals. His long sighted sustainable & profitable vision have established the core values at SRP Enterprise and have supported investments where value can be added by us. He went to Robert Smith School of Business, UMD.


Martin Portocarrero Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at SRP Enterprise LLC

Martin Portocarrero is a Partner at SRP and focuses on the project management team. His past experience includes private equity, corporate finance, sales, marketing, writing, consulting and accounting. He holds a B.S. commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia.



Tony Ismalaj Sales & Marketing Director at SRP Enterprise LLC

Tony Ismalaj is the Sales & Marketing Director at SRP Enterprise LLC. He is accountable for strategising, lead - generation, and building sales team to increase closing at an optimum speed. Prior to joining SRP in 2015, he had his Marketing Consultancy, driving up the sales and leads  for various firms in and around DC via leveraging social media, creative contents, and high-powered networking skills. He is a graduate from University of Maryland.


Senior Homebuying Specialist at SRP Enterprise LLC

Prior joining SRP Enterprise, Ayesha worked many years in retail industry as a regional manager for the chain of stores her department was overseeing. Her core responsibilities include developing customer relations and creating strategies to make client's experiences easier and efficient.


Jeff Litton
Senior Administrative Adviser at SRP Enterprise LLC

Jeff Litton has decades of experience in working for large corporations and helped many people establish and build large real estate portfolios. Jeff is the owner of Litton Realty in Arlington, Virginia. Jeff is a licensed consultant and a certified trainer and has a unique way of training individuals to develop their own leadership skill set. Jeff partnered up with Raj because he feels that this investment vehicle serves the community for long term sustainable development.