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SRP Enterprises opens the door for investors who want to be a part of our profitable movement to turn properties around in the nation’s capital DC and its surrounding areas. 

We specialize in turning properties in Washington DC and surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia. We pick the right properties in the right location that has the maximum potential of profit for us and our investors. We add great value to the property with our creative architecture and innovative designs which in turn increases the overall appraisal and valuation of our estates to be sold. All of our renovations are strongly and standardly built by top contracting companies of the area to guarantee the confidence to our homebuyers.

We only get into deals that have 25% or greater ROI.

why invest in DC?

“WASHINGTON — despite rising prices, D.C. remains one of the most profitable markets for residential real estate flipping” – Washington’s Top News

“The average gross ROI in D.C. was 81.2 percent — in the top five” — According to Atom Data Solutions

 “When compared to states, D.C. ranked No. 2 in the second quarter of 2017 for flipping (behind Nevada) with 8.2 percent of all sales considered flips. (To be considered a flip, a property had to have been purchased and returned to market within six months to one year.)”

 “Data from ATTOM Data Solutions’ most recent home flipping report revealed that home flippers in DC grossed a 6 percent higher return on investment (ROI) than in 2015, with an ROI of 81.4 percent. While this figure does not factor in the costs of renovation, so the net profit is likely much lower, average gross profit per flip was $251,775, up from $209,750 in 2015.”

Our 4Wheel Drive of SRP Enterprise LLC (4W’s at SRP Enterprise are)


Our Suppliers Wins


Our Customers Win




Our Company Win

Our Differentiations

+ Innovative & Data Driven

We generate our leads from the most sophisticated database and keywords. We are among the few real estate firms that embrace technology and create easier customer interface & effective marketing strategies.


+ Transparency

We are nakedly transparent to our investors and employees on what we do, why we do, and how we do. We have built an ethical system that puts our ethics and transparency above everything. This is one of the reasons why investors love investing with us.

+ ROI Commitment

Our strong management and industry experience have given us the certainty to commit on ROI for the deals we select and take over. Since we are located in DC, it has allowed us to have specific insights about trends, locations, demographics, and potentials in DC housings. We only do deals where we have complete insight about the area, property, risk levels & returns, & where we can control by our means and resources. Thus, we have our commitment on ROI to our investors.


+ Impact

We are creating impact. We are empowering people. We are not just working on deal; we are working on showing people their true potential. Whether it is inside our team or outside, we are creating these positive impacts everywhere we go. Whether it’s through social media, seminar, campaigns, or charity events; we empower people.

+Process Driven

We are not just people driven but we are 100% standardized process driven company. We have a strong organizational board and divisions that allows us to scale and absorb growth rapidly. This maintains our quality and standards for services we deliver.


+ Vision & Values

Our vision has shown us the direction and our values have given us the integrity and faith among our team to make it go right. We operate on both skill and will as our vision holds us accountable and responsible on what we do. We are creating a better life for people through real estate. We want to be more than just being profitable; we want to be the firm that took a step further to take this industry and trade ahead.