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Our mission is to bring more enthusiasm and life in our community through Real Estate.

We will lead you the way home

Our goal is to make an effort to innovate and lead in residential Real Estate to ultimately have this industry in better place then we started off.

we are in this industry for 3 main reasons


We provide the fastest cash offer and closing for sellers who want to sell their property


We add value and bring more life to the property with our creative team.


We resell the newly renovated property at an unbeatable price and pass the savings to home buyers.

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We SRP Enterprise believe that we can better help our community as a team with same purpose and same direction then otherwise. We believe that we have a responsibility as a company to provide more beautiful and innovative homes to upcoming home buyers and updating our cities and towns one home at a time. Our founder and C.E.O took this initiative with his passion to lead this industry when he found out in the field that this industry is becoming irresponsible, scattered, and is lacking innovation and sustainability. So we have decided to roll up our sleeves and get to work to change our community and lifestyle through real-estate.  


We are in the verge of being the largest firm in DC, MD, and VA so we can better serve our community by being directly involved with it. We are not just buying or selling houses but we are building a dream for home buyers and leading them to their home sweet home.



Our Team

Our team is committed to make this happen and not just in communities where there are lots of profit and exposure but we will take the lead & initiative in places where there is a tremendous potential to make changes for better. From South East DC to housing in Baltimore where there is a potential, there we are to max out that potential.  We are proud of what we do and changes we are bringing in the society one house at a time.

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Our Commitments

Our unrelenting effort to bring more life to the community starts with bringing happiness to one family at time and we feel very blessed and grateful that we have this opportunity to do so, and do it right.

Just like any successful and thriving organization we take the responsibility and do not wait for us to be given. We are innovating and leading real state through unconventional and disruptive way.


Our Goals

Our goal is our customer’s smile and when he or she says “thank you so much for making it happen without you I don’t know how I could do this” then we are certain we did our job well done.

We want to be yours number 1 firm in this industry not just because of the size and profitability but we were the ones who went a step further to fulfill your need, interest, and concern.